This fanless PC case is noiseless! With low-cost ATX passive hardware can build a powerful PC. Not silent but noiseless.

Haxx PC Case 0.1 fanless PC case kit with integrated passive CPU cooler brushed natural

65 watts TDP (legal information) to 95 watts CPU's possible. See information about the TDP

For mounting, only a few holders (sheets) must be bent by hand in 90 °, the rest is joined together and screwed.

349,00 €

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Housing kit with accessories (screws, nuts, CPU cooler, feet, slot plates, Powerswitch cabling, Power LED, dampers, handles, mounting instructions (Download)

Recommended / required tool

• Allen screwdriver 2 - 2,5 - 3 - 5
• Open-end wrench 5 - 5,5 - 7 - 8
• Phillips screwdriver
• dipstick

Recommended hardware for a noiseless PC

PSU passive power supply (fanless)
MB with "On Board" graphics or all passive graphics cards

CPU up to 95 watts Attention TDP notes
SSD (FP) Solid State Disk are noiseless
CD / DVD / BR short (depth) models optimal for airflow
RAM max. 55 mm wide / high (no oversized ram heat sinks)