Welcome to the world's best noiseless ATX PC enclosure with integrated fanless cooling.

Do you want to build a noiseless, powerful PC that you can use again and again in the future and not spend thousands of €? Then you are exactly right here.

world's best silent fanless PC

The combination of the following features makes this desktop PC case with distance to the absolute winner:

  • completely noiseless in the test / 0 SONE / 0 DECIBEL
  • 100% fail-safe cooling system with a passive CPU cooler
  • without fan, heat pipe, water cooling ( fanless, passiv)
  • full ATX standard with any ATX hardware selection
  • compatible with all current and future sockets & MB
  • suitable for hardware upgrade without additional parts / costs
  • Hardware most flexible passive enclosure in the world
  • Trend support of integrated graphics in CPU / GPU / APU
  • powerful and suitable for current games
  • massive dust reduction / vacuum cleaner effect eliminated
  • Development, company and production in Germany
  • 20 years warranty and highest quality
  • Industrial standard spare parts DIN / ISO no special parts
  • fast, granted, cheap, permanent spare parts procurement
  • unbeatable value for money
  • noiseless instead of quiet with passive cooling
  • compact midi size & space for long graphics cards, plug-in cards
  • Constant CPU temperature / longer hardware life
  • PC housing with sustainability and high value retention
  • Option for handles, roller feet, wall bracket

See Best equipment for the for combined benefits of the Haxx PC Case 0.1 that no other ATX computer offers. Less expensive and easier you can not realize a noiseless PC.