For performance, price, parts, reliability, and sustainability, notebooks, all in one, mini PCs, tablets, etc. can not compete.

Noiseless ATX PC case with fanless cooling

Pictures are at leisure and use.

Fan too loud? The best fan test does not help either. A fan is never noiseless!

There is no plastic, no threads on the housing, nothing glued and only standard industrial parts.
Uncompromisingly designed for endless use and sustainability. A thoughtless promise:
the last desktop PC case of your life! Voluntarily you do not give that up anymore.

Easy to install new hardware.

You'll buy a sophisticated chassis with built-in cooling for noiseless operation and you'll never have to buy another one for ATX hardware. Two topics you never have to think about again. How do I get my PC quiet and fit the hardware. It is noiseless and all current and future ATX hardware fits.