The noiseless, passive cooling in the ATX PC case surpasses quiet PCs with up to 95 * watt TDP and creates games, games without loud fans with constant CPU temperature.

Technical specifications

• noiseless integrated cooling without CPU fan / heatpipe
• Cooling for any CPU socket and future sockets
• CPU 65 watts higher TDP in compliance with the instructions
• full ATX housing standard mATX ITX Mini ITX Micro
• FlexATX microATX EmbATX Mini ATX
• Housing dimensions: B; H; T 180; 420; 420; +/- 3 mm
• Height: + 33 mm feet / + 40 mm handles
• Empty weight approx. 10kg
• Space for extra long graphics cards including plug-in cards
• Manholes for 7 drives
• Damper mounted 5.25 disk drives
• 7 shafts LW 2 x 5.25 and 5 x 3.5 (2.5) up to 14 LW
• prepared for WALL MOUNT
• incl. Standard 120 mm HANDLE
• Feet interchangeable with ROLLERS
• Housing 3 mm aluminum
• Threadless construction
• Industry standard spare parts DIN / ISO
• Surface brushed natural aluminum

* Notes on the TDP

(TDP = Thermal Design Power = thermal power dissipation)

With test programs (Test Prime95 Games) all CPU cores were permanently loaded 100% to determine the TDP. With passive cooling, the CPU maximum temperature (Tcase) was not exceeded.

A completely unrealistic scenario.

With 65W TDP I have set a limit for legal reasons.

In practice, the TDP is only approximately achieved in absolutely high-resolution games and scientific applications. Apart from testing programs, I do not currently have a program known that all cores are 100% permanently utilized.

You can easily run a CPU up to 95W (eg i7) and use the excellence of your applications.