Why is the PC Case 0.1 significantly better than other passive solutions, "open air" enclosures, own compilations or fan cooled systems in general, and how does it work?

Solutions that you will search in vain for other systems. Compare performance and price!

What do I get useful for my money. Take sustainability into account. 99% of cooling systems fit only one generation, then it's scrap metal.

Pure copper block Cu-ETP (E-Cu)

transported on a wide surface 40 x 40 mm
and short path the waste heat to the radiator and causes
an early spreading of the dissipated heat.

CPU cooler with copper for heat dissipation

passive CPU cooler 100% fail-safe


6,08 kg aluminum cooler & copper block

plus a part of the housing form a large surface area and mass and reduce extreme, short-term heating and cooling, thus reducing stress on the hardware. The cooling system is also

100% fail-safe.



Part of the CPU waste heat

is discharged through the radiator to the cool front to the outside.

silent CPU cooler

Housing for passive power supply



Power supply is free,

gives the resulting heat immediately to the outside and
at the contact points on the cool back off.



The power supply can be turned 180 °.

In this way differently designed power supply units can be installed in such a way that vents or coolers radiate the heat upwards and outwards.

passive power supply with silent cooling

Ventilation openings with hexagonal ventilation grilles


Ventilation grille is not the same as ventilation grille.

Almost all ventilation openings or perforated grids on housings have too small a free cross-section and thus not sufficient throughput. Here the Hexagonalgitter Hv 6-6,7 offer a free cross section of 80,20%.



 Radiation of heat through the housing.

Aluminum nature promotes unlike paint or
Anodizing the absorption and release of heat as well as the radiation.

Haxx silent PC

Motherboard cooling passive cooler

Neglected temperature problem behind the MB.

In normal PC cases, cold air can not trailing behind the MB from below and / or escape at the top. Passive systems where the MB is located overheat faster. Here is a ventilated MB.


No heat accumulation under the lid

by upper flow aids in the side parts.

fanless PC Heatsink

passively cooled silent PC

In "normal" and at first sight "open air" housings heat builds up in different places, which leads to the downclocking or damage of the hardware. The construction and design of the

PC Case 0.1 avoids that consistently.

The arrangement of the vents ensures adequate air exchange and the design of the chimney effect is favored.

Passive graphics cards are in the cold area, the entire design to reduce the internal temperature allows in the first place the effective use of powerful, passive graphics cards and other passive hardware.


Ground clearance allows tightening sufficiently cold air.


Aero slot brackets,

many different and crucial sites that promote convection.

passive graphics card in the silent PC

fake passive hardware


Beware of pretended passive products.

Read the descriptions before buying. For many, the fine print refers to the use of fans and warnings to get the product up and running, to the point of total futility when it comes to passive use and silent operation.


Furthermore, supposedly passive systems are offered, equipped with fans for operation under load. Fans are never noiseless even with fan controls.

supposedly passive system with fan control

fanless and silent passive PC in the test


The technical specifications have been effectively tested in practice and do not mislead passive abilities and values. The TDP information is permanently provided at 100% load and not only for a certain time or under special laboratory conditions.


Do not combine supposedly passive hardware
(passive CPU cooler, passive power supplies, passive graphics cards)
with unsuitable housings. Either it does not work at all or
the hardware will be destroyed in the short or long term.

overheated passive hardware

Experts agree

The ATX Standard, which has been deadly for 20 years, will not die. The hardware and software only gets more powerful. For performance, price, parts, reliability, and sustainability, laptops, all-in-one, mini-PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc. can not compete.

electromagnetic shielding on silent PC

Electromagnetic shielding

Plastics, plastic PC cases, Plexiglas, glass, too thin and wrong material or too large holes let through different wavelengths and do not shield or poorly. The result is disruptions, crashes and
noticed and unrecognized data loss. 3 mm aluminum, suitable steel ventilation grilles and compliance with the maximum openings ensure electromagnetic shielding.

Massive dust reduction

The PC Case 0.1 has not only a multitude of advantages over alternative noiseless passive systems but also compared to the general fan cooled PC. See image! That's what 98% of computers look like. Fan-cooled systems destroy themselves by the vacuum cleaner effect. In PC Case 0.1, the vast majority of dust catches on the electrostatically charged outer ventilation grilles and only needs to be extracted. Even after 5 years of operation, only a minimal amount of dust had deposited inside.

Dust destroys PC better a fanless PC


powerful passive graphics card


Slot cards clamping bracket solved quickly and no
Thread chips fall into the hardware.


The damper positions

The 5.25 drives can be adjusted to cover the hardware tolerances and the different weights.

passive hardware in a noiseless PC

Kit of fanless PC


Mounting holes for the drives

without having to disassemble the complete module.

domestic equipments



 No special parts only standard DIN / ISO industrial parts

with granted, faster, cheaper and unlimited spare parts procurement.

standard industrial parts on passive PC

best silent PC


Threadless construction and no threads in the aluminum.

If you over-tighten or damage a thread you only need to replace the nut or screw.


including standard 120 mm handles

Handles on the fanless PC

Roller feet for silent PC


Feet exchangeable eg against roller feet

Wall bracket on the noiseless computer



wall mount

Wall bracket on the noiseless computer


The noiseless wish-happy package.
You'll never have to search and see if your hardware, coolers and housings match.
It is noiseless and all current and future ATX hardware fits.

awesome passive CPU cooler

The entire cooling system is fixed to the housing

and thus independent of the position and height of the CPU as well as socket type and the fixtures for the original cooler on the motherboard.

Computer chip cooler adjustable & adjustable and highly flexible.



The MB with the CPU is practically clamped in the housing with the cooling system,
the radiator does not need to be sized like other
passive radiators are supported or expanded.

highly compatible fanless CPU cooler

passive CPU cooler full ATX standard


The cooling system does not cause any restrictions

like other passive CPU coolers, the hardware to use by locking slots, plugs, and connectors. The full ATX standard is respected here.


Housing not too big

and despite Midi size there is room for very long graphics cards and other extra long cards. The 3.5 drives can be freely positioned for long plug-in cards.


SSD hard drive is silent in the passive PC